How Lushcamp Started

It had been a while since Eran and I last saw one another.  A few years at least.  It had been about a year since I released my first and only novel, All Roads Lead Westand I could sense the familiar itch to get into my next creative project.  Though I loved writing the novel, I craved to get back to my first love - Music.  

Ten years earlier, Eran and I recorded a few tracks in his studio that started as a demo, and turned into a full production EP.   I remember shopping that demo to anyone who would listen.  And although I got some good feedback, it was not in the cards to quit my bartending job and become a full time rock star.  That was okay though.  I did end up falling into a pretty fun career in media which provided ample material to write that salacious, aforementioned book.  

Since I still had the record and never released it, I put out the Someday EP in March of 2013.  It was now winter and I was ready to get back in the studio.  I called Eran and we met up for drinks on the north side of Williamsburg at the bar, Hotel Delmano.  Have you ever had a friend with whom you can be out of touch for years, but when you connect again it's as if you picked up the conversation like it was yesterday?  I'm sure the multiple cocktails lubricated the conversation, but at the end of the night, we had a tentative plan - cut a couple of tracks and see if they are a fit for placement on some upcoming TV shows.

Of course, that was not the plan that lead you to read this.  The vibe in the studio took over the project.  We knew we had something special in the works, and that this project had to be a full album.   I only had 4 songs written at that point, so it meant I needed to write 4 to 6 more that would tie it altogether (Lebowski rug style).  Fortunately, the creativity was running wild and I was able to write six more songs that fit in perfecty with the vibe of the record over the next couple of months.  

But now we were faced with a choice.  Do we rush this out and hope to land a placement deal?  We certainly had connections within the TV/Media landscape with our collective professional experience.  But that didn't guarantee we had the sound they will be looking for at any given moment.  Do we try to shop this around and look for a record deal?  I've been tempted by that siren before (and still am, she's a sexy siren), but I knew what ultimately turns the record industry's collective head is heat.  

Eventually, I had my ah-ha moment that brought us together today.  Before doing about a year's worth of extensive research Googling every variation of "How to Launch an Album," I never quite understood the reasoning behind publishers and record labels always selling pre-orders before the album drops.   As it turns out, the reasoning is pretty simple - a sure fire way to get consumer and industry attention is to have a record that places favorably in the charts.  Little did I know that once an album drops, every pre-order sale is counted for the specific date of the album release.  So as long as the record places strong on the release, the chart position can never be taken away.  It's basically the same thing as saying "New York Times Bestselling Author."  It's a badge of honor that stays with you regardless of how long you populated that list. 

It's been an amazing two years working on this record (and launch plan) and I am so excited to get it out into the world.  Keep 6/24/16 marked on your calendar because we will be throwing a launch party in NYC.  Your ticket for entry: A receipt of the Lushcamp album Pre-Order of course :) 

Hope to see you there, and thanks again for listening!

 - Paul